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  • Do you have any suggestions that will help me be a successful fundraiser?
    There are many ways to raise funds successfully and have fun in the process. You can share your reason for participating — you’ll be surprised by how many people will support your personal story.

    Another idea is to start a team — fundraising as a group can be exciting and motivational. It’s also a great way to achieve a significant fundraising goal.

    For more helpful tips, information and ideas, you can check out our Fundraising tools.
  • How will the money I raise be used?
    Right now, youth in Canada are in crisis. One that affects us all. Help should not be hard to find. By donating today, you are helping to create a future of mental health equity and justice for every young person in Canada.
    Together, we can unlock the hope young people need to thrive in their world.

    For more information about Kids Help Phone, you can visit our About us page
  • What if I have collected cash/cheques? How will I get them to Kids Help Phone?
    If you have collected cash/cheques in person, please use the BMO website to locate a branch near you.

    Using the instructions in the top right-hand corner of your pledge form, a BMO customer service representative will be able to deposit the cash/cheques into our account. They will then provide you with a deposit slip that you will attach to your pledge form and bring it to your local Walk site or mail your pledge form and deposit slip to the address below:

    Kids Help Phone
    300-439 University Ave.
    Toronto, ON M5G 1Y8



  • If I’m eligible for a reward, how will I receive it?
    If you’re eligible for a reward, Kids Help Phone will send the reward to the email address provided during registration. If you need to change the address, please email us at
  • If our team has raised money collectively (donation to the team, fundraising activities such as bake sales, auctions, etc.), how do we collect our reward?
    Team rewards will only be issued to team captains. If your team has collected any cash/cheques, please have your team captain deposit the funds at any BMO branch, and mail the team’s pledge forms to:

    Kids Help Phone
    300-439 University Ave.
    Toronto, ON M5G 1Y8

    Once the pledge forms are received, we will be able to issue team rewards (if eligible).
  • How are rewards calculated if I have raised money as an individual and my team has raised money collectively?
    You may only receive team and individual rewards if you count money you raise as a team separately from the money that you raise as an individual. The same money can’t be used to qualify for different categories of prizes. In other words, if you raise $500 TOTAL, you can’t receive the $500 individual reward AND the $500 team reward.

    Example: If you as team captain have accounted for $500 that your team raised from a bake sale, and you have separately accounted for $250 that you raised through friends and family as an individual, you may claim both the reward for your team (for the $500 raised) and your own individual reward (for the $250 raised).

    Any funds donated to your individual fundraising page count towards your individual reward. Funds donated to the team’s fundraising page count towards team rewards. But funds donated to the team page directly do not count towards your individual reward, and individual funds do not count toward the team prize.

Tax receipts

  • How do people who support me receive tax receipts?
    People who support a participant online will receive an official tax receipt by email within 24 hours.

    For those who support your goal in person (by cash, cheque or credit card, as indicated on your paper pledge form), an official tax receipt will be issued by Kids Help Phone in the Fall according to the information provided on that form.

    To submit your pledge form, please mail it to:
    Kids Help Phone
    300-439 University Ave
    Toronto, ON M5G 1Y8

    Please note: In order for tax receipts to be issued, full names and complete addresses must be provided.
  • If I donate to myself, will I get a tax receipt?
    If you make a self-donation you will receive a tax receipt, however this may affect your incentive prize (if applicable).
    In accordance with CRA guidelines, the self-donation can not help you get to a new incentive level. If it does, Kids Help Phone has to issue the lower incentive prize based on the what is raised without the self-donation included.
    For example, Joe donated $20 to his Walk page and received a tax receipt. At the end of the event, Joe raised an overall total of $500. Because Joe donated $20 to himself and received a tax receipt, the $20 cannot count towards his incentive. He therefore would be eligible to receive a $25 incentive prize, even though it seems he qualifies for the $50 prize.

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